PayPal Giving Fund

You can make electronic offerings through the PayPal Giving Fund (PGF) at this link. By using PGF, registered 501(3)(c) organizations like the church in Seattle receive 100% of your donations without any service fees being passed along. 

What do I need to use this method? 

A registered PayPal account (free to register; no annual fees) with linked payment sources, which can include bank accounts and credit cards. Sign up here

Adding payment sources may take 3-5 business days based on authentication methods

How do these electronic donations work?

Once you have a registered PayPal account, go to the Church in Seattle PayPal Charitable Giving Fund page here

Choose whichever payment method you wish. Since the Church in Seattle is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, 100% of your donation will be passed along without any service fees incurred. 

What kind of tax documentation will be provided? 

You will receive a tax receipt directly from PayPal for your donation so you do not need to share your information along with your donation. 

How can I make designated offerings?

This donation approach does not currently support designations; if you’d like to designate an offering, please send an accompanying email to with the date and amount of your offering, and how you’d like it to be designated. 

More information about the PayPal Charitable Giving Fund


Go here to donate though Square (transaction fees will apply):