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2009 SouthEast Blending Conference (RK)
The Living of a Believer who Enjoys the Lord in the Body of Christ for the Fulfillment of God’s Eternal Purpose
To Download Outlines click here SEBlending Conf Booklet-9-09
Msg 1 – The Enjoyment of God and the Purpose of God
Msg 2 – Enjoying the Lord at the Altar of God to Live a Life of Consecration for the Central Work of God
Msg 3 – Loving the Lord for His Purpose and Enjoying our Beloved to Live an Overcoming Life in the Divine Romance
Msg 4 – Coming to the Fountain of Living Waters and Drawing Water from the Springs of Salvation for the Consummation of the Divine Economy
Msg 5 – Eating, Digesting, and Assimilating God to Become the Body of Christ for God’s Administration
Msg 6 – Experiencing and Enjoying the Processed and Consummated Triune God as Grace for the Building up of the Body of Christ
2009 Pacific NW Fall Conference (RK)
Eating, Digesting, and Assimilating God to become the Body of Christ for God’s Administration
Message One (1:22)
Message Two (1:27)
Message Three (1:30)
Message Four (1:20)

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