Urgent Need for the Lord’s Move in Europe and Africa

Currently there are no meeting halls in the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal); however, the brothers in Madrid wish to purchase a facility with adequate meeting space to meet the needs of the church and hold various conferences and trainings. There is a need for 500,000 USD by July 30th to complete the payment. Contributions can be made here, with an indication it is for ‘Madrid meeting hall’.

There is also a need for a meeting hall in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. There are now over 350 saints in Addis Ababa, and there are also many seeking ones in the communities and universities. The brothers have located an excellent property 5 miles from the city center and airport. The property could be renovated into a meeting hall with space for a training center with dormitories and a hospitality facility. The property is assessed at 3.5 million USD and is being sold for 2.5 million USD with land prices nearly doubling annually. A down payment of 365,000 USD is due by June 15 and full payment expected by August 15. You can give by following the instructions here.