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Ministry Resources for the Practice of a Vital Group Church Life

[Introduction] Readings on Practicing with our Companions and our Groups

Area of Focus: Personal Revival

Bi-weekly readings to provide practical helps for us in the matters of morning revival, personal prayer, and Bible and ministry reading:
Bringing in an Atmosphere of Love Through Practical Care and Shepherding3/10/2019PDF Link
Being Blended by Praying with the Release of Our Spirit2/24/2019PDF Link
Practicing Fellowship and Prayer as the Foundation for the Blending2/10/2019PDF link
The Purpose of the Vital Groups and an Overview of the Living Contents of the Vital Groups1/27/2019PDF link
Being Grouped to Overcome Deadness, Lukewarmness, and Barrenness9/23/2018PDF link
Arrangement, Principles, and Practices of the Groups9/9/2018PDF link
Mutual Perfecting in the Groups in the Experiences of Life8/26/2018PDF link
Being Perfected to Become Patterns and to Live out a Corporate Model of the God-man Living8/12/2018PDF link
Singing the Word to be Saturated With Christ and to Live Christ7/29/2018PDF link
Enjoying Extra Grace by Having set Times of Prayer and Learning to Pray Intercessory Prayers Initiated by God7/15/2018PDF link
Building Up a Habit to Live Christ6/10/2018PDF link
Reading the Bible to Fellowship with God5/27/2018PDF link
Reading and Praying to be Filled With the Spirit and the Word5/13/2018PDF link
Repenting and Confessing Prayer that We May Be Blendable and Revived4/29/2018PDF link
Beholding God in Prayer by Offering Christ as all the Offerings4/15/2018PDF link
Procedures for Practicing Fellowship with God and the Effect of Fellowship4/1/2018PDF link
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