How to Transfer iSilo files between iOS devices

Goal: to transfer iSilo files to another device while preserving the annotations (highlights and notes)
Requirements: iSilo present on two iOS devices, a dropbox account, iTunes
In this example, the iSilo files on an iPhone will be transferred to an iPad.
1) On the iPad, within iSilo go to the root level of the folder structure “\” using the device view
2) click “…” and select Download and then choose DropBox
Note: at this point allow iSilo to make it’s own dropbox folder: Apps–>iSilo
3) On the computer, start iTunes and make sure the iPhone is connected
4) go to the Apps section for the iPhone and select iSilo documents in the file sharing section, as shown below
5) select all the files and folders (especially Settings) and drag them to a folder on the desktop
6) zip each folder individually (right click–> compress).  Leave the .pdb files alone
7) upload each zip file to the Apps–>iSilo folder within DropBox; also upload any .pdb files
8) On the iPad, click “…” and select Download–>DropBox to download the files and folders one at a time to the root level “\” of iSilo.
9) iSilo will then allow you to unzip each folder, and warn you any same named files will be overwritten
10) To clean up, all the .zip folders can be deleted from iSilo, and the files and folders in Dropbox and on the computer desktop can be removed
Note: Transferring the “Settings” folder is the key to preserving all the annotations. It will become hidden once downloaded onto the iPad
We hope this is helpful.  Please feel free to correct and/or add to these instructions!



  1. Dropbox did not work for me but I share here what I think is “simpler” to transfer from iPhone to iPad.
    On the iPhone, copy the files you want to transfer to the “root” ([Document]) folder.
    (Tap the file icon on the left of the file name and then select Copy)
    Load iTunes and tap the phone icon just below the menu.
    Tap the Apps section as above, select iSilo and Sync.
    Copy and paste the files you want to a folder on your PC.
    Close iTunes and disconnect the iPhone.
    Connect the iPad (if iTunes does not auto load – load it)
    Tap the tablet icon just below the menu.
    Go to the Apps section as above in iTunes and tap iSilo.
    Copy the files from the folder on your PC to the iSilo App and sync.
    The files should now be on the iPad.

  2. Thank you so much for this!