How To Videos

Listening to ministry messages on your smart phone, iPad, etc…

  1. How to install iTunes on both Windows and Mac computers
  2. Using iTunes for the first time
  3. Downloading Ministry Audio
  4. Organizing Messages by Editing Metadata
  5. Set up iTunes to Automatically Manage Audio (most users)
  6. How to Manually Manage Audio from iTunes (advanced users)
  7. How to use iTunes Match to store audio in iCloud
If you know how to transfer audio without iTunes, please ask to contribute to this page! In the meantime, here are websites that claim to provide instructions for iPhone and Android phones. Let us know if these sites are not worthwhile.

Using iSilo for the Bible, Hymns, HWMR, and other ministry readings

  1. How to install iSilo
  2. How to Put Items into iSilo (Bible, Hymnal, HWMR, & other)
  3. How to Transfer iSilo files between iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)

Want to help with this page?  Here’s a way…

  1. How to make How To Videos on a Mac
  2. How to make How To Videos on a Windows PC (can you help with this?)

Although most videos above involve Mac computers, the steps on a Windows PC are often similar.  Please suggest other instructional videos you’d like to see.



  1. How to play video in two languages and the cable needed?

    • If you are referring to listening to videos downloaded from, then you may find your answer from their “Frequently Asked Questions” link. It’s hard to answer your other question about the cable without knowing what system you are connecting your cable to. Videos can be played directly on a computer screen.