Conferences and Fellowships below
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Nov 15-17, 2013. Seattle-Bellevue Local Conference with RK, JL.
Message 1 – A Full-grown Corporate Man Fulfilling God’s Purpose through the Experience of Life in the Fourth Stage
Message 2 – Taking Christ as Our Person
Message 3 – Growing Up into Christ in All Things
Message 4 – Learning Christ as the Reality is in Jesus and Being Renewed in the Spirit of the Mind
Nov 8-10, 2013. Spokane Local Conference with EM.
Message 1 – Knowing the Body
Message 2 – Knowing the Ascension
Message 3 – Reigning in Life
Message 4 – Spiritual Warfare
May 10-12, 2013. Seattle-Bellevue Local Conference with AL, EM.
Message 1 – Living in the Fellowship of the Divine Life
Message 2 – The Urgent Need of the Growth of Life and Growing in Life by Dealing with the Heart
Message 3 – Being a Qualified Servant of God by Having the Complete Experience of a Called One
Message 4 – Growing unto Maturity to Become the New Jerusalem as the Ultimate Consummation of the Church
April 6 & 7, 2013. 24-Hour Blending Conference in Portland, Oregon.
Messages given by Ron Kangas.
Message 1 – Enjoying God and Living for His Purpose
Message 2 – Coming to the Fountain of Living Waters and Drawing Water from the Springs of Salvation for the Consummation of the Divine Economy
Message 3 – Eating, Digesting, and Assimilating God to Become the Body of Christ for God’s Administration
Message 4 – Experiencing and Enjoying the Processed and Consummated Triune God as Grace for the Building Up of the Body of Christ


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  1. Dear saints, Thank you so much for posting these messages for all the churches to hear and enjoy the Lord speaking to the churches . Jen in West Australia